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Edward Goucher (pink), this glossy abelia hybrid is a compact, bushy, somewhat spreading, multi-stemmed shrub in the honeysuckle family. Typically grows on gracefully arching branches up to 5 ft tall. Features clusters of lavender-pink, funnel-shaped flowers with orangish yello throats. Flowers bloom from mid-summer into fall.
USDA Zones 8-9.

Rose Creek (white), lustrous leaves on crimson stems with a pinkish cast mature to dark green and turn purple-green in winter. Low mounding evergreen shrub, excellent foundation, container or low hedge plant.Frangrant white flowers spring through summer. Full to partial sun.

 Aucuba japonica, Available in different leaf colors and variegations, this broadleaf evergreen is a choice plant for dry shade. Does well in dim, north-facing entryways or under densely foliaged shade trees. Growth rate is slow. Large, leathery, evergreen leaves. Good container plant. Grows in the shade of buildings, in containers, and under shade trees. Cut branches back to keep it dense and rounded and to prevent it from becoming leggy.

Berberis thunbergii

Aurea, Bright golden yellow foliage all season long. Deer resistant, full to partial sun reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet.

Crimson Pygmy, Dense, low spreading, compact form with dark burgundy foliage. Deer resistant, full to partial sun reaches a height of 18-24 inches. Dwarf.

Helmond Pillar, This is an exquisite deep purple, forms into a narrow column. A real architectural beauty that adds structure and color to the garden. Deer resistant, full to partial sun reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet.

Buddleia davidii, This sprawling shrub produces flowers in pink, blue, or purple. Fragrant flowers, attracts butterflies, coarse texture with large flower spikes. Growth rate is fast. Plant in full sun in well drained fertile soil. Prune every year to within a few inches of the ground in fall after it flowers or in early spring before growth begins.

Buxus microphylla

Wintergreen Boxwood

Japanese Boxwood, 3-4', compact, fine light green foliage, easily shaped for formal plantings, foliage may turn orangy in winter. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Korean Boxwood, 2-4', mounding evergreen shrub is best used as a hedge and easy to shape creating a formal entrance.

Wintergreen Boxwood, 3-4', very compact, slow growing, darker green foliage, more cold hardy than Japanese. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Callicarpa dichotoma, Chinese Beautyberry is attractive in early autumn, when the conspicuous clusters of small purple fruit are at their peak against a green background of leaves. Flowers are small and clustered. Use it massed in the mixed or shrub border, where its fruit contrasts beautifully with shades of green on other plants. Plant it with Heuchera Palace Purple. Growth rate is fast. Plant in well-drained soil or dabbled shade. Tip-prune to tidy it up, or prune it to the ground in late winter.

Sweet Shrub, strawberry bush, 6-9', multi-trunk shrub with fragrant maroon strap-like flowers in spring, smells like strawberries, likes moist soil. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Camellia Japonica, Japanese Camellia bear large flowers in shades of white to red against lustrous dark green leaves. Flowers December to March, evergreen foliage, growth rate is slow, can be grown in containers.

Camellia Sasanqua, is a broad-leaved evergreen shrub, varing in form from upright and densely bushy to low and spreading. Heights range from 1 1/2 to 12 feet tall. The leaves are dark green, shiny and about 2 inches long. They are usually darker green and smaller than the leaves of Camellia Japonica. The flowers are white, pink and red, 2 to 3 inches in diameter, and very fragrant.

Cephalotaxus harringtonia

Prostrata, creeping yew, 2-3', spreading mounding shrub, slender fern-like foliage, dark green leaves. Deer resistant, partial sun to shade.

Chaenomeles speciosa, Flowerinf Quince has early blooms of red, scarlet, pink, or white flowers. Thorniness good for barriers, fragrant fruit used in james and jellies. Plant in full sun, growth rate is moderate.

Corylus avellana 'Contorta' Harry Lauder's Walking Stick becomes a dramatic living sculpture with autumn leaf drop. Native to Europe, northern Africia and western Asia. It's good as a focal point in an entryway or a courtyard, especially against a light-colored wall, which silhouettes its contorted branches. Growth rate id fast.


Glen St. Mary, This fast-growing, hardy evergreen shrub densely spreads producing fragrant blooms with red fall fruit. It's spineless branches have olive green foliage with hints of silver reaching 6-8 ft tall and 8 ft wide. Best performs as a specimen and in masses to form a wind break, hedge or screen. Full to partial sun, drought tolerant.     


Americanus, Strawberry bush, Hearts-a-bursting, 4-6', deciduous, suckering, thicket forming, greenish-purple flowers in June folled by scarlet seed capsules that open in fall to reveal bright orange seeds. Partial sun to shade.


Dwf Burning Bush, Euonymus alatus compactus, Interesting compact, mounded form displays attractive rich green leaves spring thru summer, firey red in fall. Deciduous, plant in full sun, moderate grower to 6 to 8 ft tall and wider.

Golden Euonymus, Aureo marginatus, Evergreen,  5-10'h x 3-6'w

Fatsia, japonica

Japanese Aralia, 5-7', upright woody stems support large glossy dark green palmate leaves, white flowers borne on stalks followed by black berries. Partial sun to shade, blooms spring.

Forsythia, Spring Glory, A stunning splash of early spring color, 1 1/2 in. pale yellow blooms cover the plant. Full sun, 6 ft high and up to 8 ft wide.


August Beauty, 4-6', shiny green leaves, less wide than Mystery, large double fragrant white blooms from May to October. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Belmont, 4-6', dark green foliage, large double flowers, 4-5" in diameter, blooms throughout the blooming season. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Mystery, 5-7', lustrous dark green foliage,  fragrant creamy-white 4-5"  wide double flowers, likes acid soil. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Radicans, 1-2' x 2-3', spreading, compact habit, rich green foliage, produces many 1" white fragrant double flowers. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Veitchii, 3-4', low growing, spreading habit, covered with 2-3" pure white extra-large blooms with yellow centers, evergreen foliage, less cold hardy. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Hibiscus syriacus, Rose of Sharon, grow this popular, round topped shrub for late season flowers 2 to 4 inches wide. Flowers in white, red, purple and violet. Use grouped or massed in a border. Combine with shore juniper. Thrives in well-drained soil and in full sun, tolerates partial shade. Prune to two or three buds per stem each spring for increase flowers.


Annabelle, A very popular old fashioned shrub. Once established, it produces enormous, 12-inch globe shaped snowy white flowerheads starting in early summer and increasing in size until mid to late summer. Plant in shade, grows to 4 ft high and wide.

Cardinal, (macrophylla), Huge 6 in. flowerheads lavender-blue aand bright rosy-pink blom for weeks in midsummer in an ever changing display of cool and warm tones as new flowers open and others age. Best in acidic soil, partial shade, plant reaches a size of 4 ft x 4 ft.

Charm, 4-5', enormous pink flower clusters, large dark green foliage, compact grower. Partial sun to shade. Blooms summer.

Dooley, 4-6', big blue flowers, named after UGA Coach Vince Dooley, partial sun to shade, blooms summer.

Goliath, 4-, serrated foliage, big pink mophead blooms, partial sun to shade. Blooms summer.

Grandiflora (PeeGee), (paniculata), The entire top of this small tree is laden with huge 12 t0 18 in. white flower clusters, that gradually change to a subtle coppery-pink. Full sun to light shade, 10-15 ft high, 8-10 ft wide.

Nikko Blue, (macrophylla), Exceptionally large, globe shaped blooms are consistently bluer in acidic soil. In neutral soil both pink and blue flowers appear.  Plant in full to part sun, plant grows to 6 ft x 6 ft in 3 to 4 years.


Oakleak, Alice, 8-12', upright with semi-arching 1-2' panicles of white blooms that fade to pink, vigorous grower, burgundy fall color. Partial sun to shade.

Penny Mac, 5', tight growth habit, 8" wide bright blue and sometimes deep purple mopheads, one of the best reblooming hydrangeas, going till frost. Partial sun to shade.


Carissa, 2-3', compact mounding form, glossy green foliage comes to single point. Deer resistant.

Delcambre', Needlepoint, 5-10', long, narrow slightly twisted dark green leaves come to a single point, abundant red berries, good hedge. Deer resistant.

Dwarf Burfordii, 4-7', dense glossy dark green foliage, abundant red berries, compact habit, great for low hedge. Deer resistant.


Compacta, Dwarf Japanese Holly, 4-5', dense, medium green fine-textured foliage, no berries, good low hedge or foundation plant. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Helleri, Hellers Holly, 3-4', very compact mounding habit, small 1/2" dark green leaves, dense low hedge. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.


Sky Pencil, Ilex crenata, A telephone pole shaped Japanese Holly, with forest-green leaves that add year-round texture to the yard. Perfect for entryways or containers, its upright maintenance-free habit makes a bold architectural statement. Plant on 2 ft centers for a dynamic back-drop in your garden. H-8' x 1 1/2-2' wide. Full sun.


Mary Neil, 15-20', large pyramidal evergreen, lustrous dark green leaves, produces great quantity of red berries. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.

Nellie Stevens, 15-25', pyramidal, moderately fast grower, shiny green leaves, lots of red berries in winter. Deer resistant, full to partial sun.


Schellings Dwarf, 2-3', compact habit, small leathery dark green 1/4" leaves, purplish new growth, small white blooms in spring. Deer resistant.


Ocala Anise, 15-25', upright, light green lanceolate leaves, rapid grower, good for screening, pungent-smelling foliage.

Itea virginica


Henry's Garnet, Virginia Sweetspire, 4-6', semi-deciduous, arching branches, brilliant red fall color, white terminal flowers, spreads underground.



Blue Vase, 6-8', blue-gray foliage, evergreen, vase-shaped, slow growing.

Hetzii Columnaris, columnar upright growing form of Hetzii, blue-gray in color, strong central leader, good for topiary.

Torulosa, 12-20', upright, dense soft medium green foliage, twisted, informal growth habit, excellent specimen.


Blue Pacific, 1-2', dense, low growing spreader, needle-like keaves of blue-green, most heat tolerant conferta-type.


Blue Rug, 6-12", rapid spreading ground cover, steel blue needle-like leaves, great for steep banks or rock gardens. 


Parsonii, 2-3', rapidly spreading low evergreen with soft blue-green foliage, tough plant, good in parking lots.


Contorted, 4-8', evergreen glossy foliage with a twisty waviness, upright contorted habit makes it an unusual specimen plant, good for containers.

Howardii, yellow-tip, 10-15', green leaves with deep yellow margins on newer growth, excellent hedge, foundation, or accent plant, white flowers in spring.

Japonicum, Wax-leaf, 12-15', glossy dark green foliage, white flowers, excellent for hedges, topiaries, or foundation planting.

Sinensis, Swift Creek, 6', best foliage and growth habit of any sinensis, from Thomas of Swift Creek Nursery in NC.

Variegata, Variegated Sinense, 6-10', small variegated, green to cream 1/4" elliptical leaves, good for medium-low hedges, like shearing.


Carolina Moonlight, 5-6'x5-6', compact, dense variety featuring abundant creamy white tassel blooms, thick, evergreen foliage with very small olive green leaves, blooms in late winter to early sping.

Snowmound, 2' tall by 6' wide, compact low mounding bush, gray-green new growth turns dark green with age, white witch hazel-like flowers.

Blush, 4-6', irregularly rounded evergreen, hot pink blooms, burgundy foliage turns dard olive green with age.

Burgundy, 6-8', evergreen, salmon-pink blooms, arching burgundy foliage turns green as it matures.

Pizazz, Exciting evergreen shrub with colorful foliage and showy flowers. New on the market. Pizazz reaches a height of 6 to 8 ft, and 5 to 6 ft wide, with plum-purple flowers fringe like flowers sporadically all year peaking in spring. New growth is ruby-red maturing to purple-red. Full sun to partial shade.

Plum Delight, burgundy new growth which darkens to purple with maturity. Spring brings pink fringe blooms a galore, which continue throughout summer and fall. Plum Delight will reach up to 12 ft and 8 ft wide if left unchecked. Prefers full sun, will tolerate partial sun.

Ruby, 4-6', burgundy foliage, more compact form, pink star-shaped flowers, can be kept 3-4' with regular cutting.

Zhuzhou, 6-10', dark maroon leaves, upright habit, deep pink flowers, left untrimmed develops beautiful layered form.

Michelia skinneriana


Improved Banana Shrub, 10-15', medium green foliage, cream-white 1/2" extremely fragrant flowers, banana smell, good as accent.

Myrica cerifera

Wax Myrtle, 15-25', semi-evergreen, dense multi-trunk clumping shrub or small tree, pungent leaves, tiny black berries.

Musa, Banana Trees


Cavendish Dwarf, 8-10', thick trunk, green leaf with irregular purple-red markings, sweet fruit, excellent landscape plant for tropical look, winters well indoors.

Musa Basjoo, 12-18', long slender leaves, strong fibers in trunk, beautiful inflorescence, world's most cold hardy banana tree.

Raja Puri, 7-8', relatively cold hardy and wind resistant, stout trunk, very sweet medium sized fruit, great choice for home landscaping.

Rojo, 6-8', deep burgundy foliage with stripes of green, non-edible fruit, unmatched for containers and small areas.


Firepower Nandina

Compacta, Heavenly Bamboo, 3-4', compact dense form, branching low, good fall color.

Firepower, 2-3', rounded, compact form, 1/2" compound leaves, striking burgundy fall foliage, no flowers or berries.


Americanus, Devilwood, 15-25', shrub or small tree, light gray bark, small white flowers followed by olive-like fruit that matures to black.

Fragrans, Tea Olive, 12-20', evergreen with strongly vertical habit, extremely fragrant blooms, stiff dark green foliage.


Glen St. Mary, 4-8', evergreen, whorled leathery dark green foliage, great for low hedge or foundation plant, white fragrant flowers. Full sun to shade. Deer resistant.

Green, 6-12', evergreen, clustered leathery dark green foliage, fragrant white flowers, great foundation plant or specimen. Full sun to shade, deer resistant.

Variegata, 6-12', dense branchy evergreen, variegated white and green foliage, fragrant white flowers. Full to partial sun, deer resistant.

Podocarpus, Yew, 20-40', tall columnar growth habit, flat linear dark green leaves with paler undersides, black drupes. Full sun to shade, deer resistant.

Rhaphiolepis indica


Alba, Indian Hawthorn, 3-4', mounding, compact shrub, white blooms, leathery green foliage, good in masses or as a low hedge.

Majestic Beauty, 8-12', large growing bush, fragrant pink blooms on new growth, 6" leathery leaves, good screen or accent.


Candystripe, Vari. Dogwood Azalea, 4-6', semi-dwarf habit, white flowers with pink stripes.

Christmas Cheer, 4-6', Kurume dwarf, early bloomer, covered by red hose-in-hose flowers in spring.

Formosa, 6-12', Southern Indica with 3 1/2" single purple-lavender or red blooms, broad vigorous grower.

G.G. Gerbing, 5-10', Southern Indica with 3 1/2" single white blooms, mid-season, dense broad grower.

George L. Taber, 5-10', Southern Indica with 3 1/2" single light pink blooms, dark pink throat.

Gumpo Pink, 12-15", Satsuki, low mounding habit, light pink flowers in late season, slow growing, small leaves.

Gumpo White, 12-15", Satsuki, low mounding habit, white flowers in late season, slow growing, small leaves.

Pink Ruffle, 4-6', Rutherford hybrid, compact habit, more upright than other semi-dwarf types, big medium pink 2 1/2" double blooms.

Red Ruffle, 2-3', compact plant with big leaves and big 3" ruffled double blooms, fall abd spring.


Banksiae, Lady Banksia Climbing Rise, 6-20', long-lived climbing rose which needs support, 1/2" double blooms in white or yellow.

Blushing Knockout, 4-6'x5', blackspot resistant shrub rose, semi-double 3-3.5" blush pink blooms age to shell pink, foliage is mossy green with blue hues, needs no dead-heading.

Carefree Sunshine, 3-4', everblooming shrub rose with deep gold buds that open to lemon yellow, disease resistant, self-cleaning, stays low and full.

Double Knockout, 4-6'x5', blackspot-resistant shrub rose, more dense and compact, double fire engine red blooms, new foliage emerges burgundy, doesn't need dead-heading.

Drift, 2'x2', groundcover rose with coral, peach, pink, red or ivory double blooms, tough, vigorous and disease resistant, self-cleaning, stays low and full.

Home Run, 3-4', rounded, compact bush, fast to flower with bright red 3" single blooms, mildew proof and black spot resistant.

Pink Double Knockout, 4-6'x5', blackspot resistant shrub rose, more dense and compact, double bubble gum pimk flowers, deep purple fall foliage, doesn't need dead-heading.

Salix integra

Hakuro Nishiki, 6-10', bright pink new growth ages to light green and cream on long wispy stems, white flowers in spring, stems turn red in winter.

Ternstroemia gymnanthera

Cleyera Japonica, 6-10', glossy dark green foliage with red-orange new growth, white flowers and red berries, excellent hedge or specimen plant.


Sweet, 10-20', bold, fast-growing hedgeplant, good for screening, white blooms.

Suspensum, Sandankwa, 6-10', textured dark green foliage, fragrant rose-tinted white flowers, excellet foundation plant.

Vitex agnus-castus

Shoal Creek Chaste Tree, 12-15', one of the best cultivars of Chaste Tree around, long terminal flower spikes of blue flowers, fast growing.